Parent Involvement Committee

As our children and youth settle into their new classes or schools, we, as parents and guardians, can play a vital role in their engagement and achievement by being involved. Research has proven that parents make a difference! There are many opportunities to be engaged in your child(ren)’s education, beginning with your local school council or the RCCDSB Parent Involvement Committee (PIC).

School councils enhance student success

School councils include parents, school staff, community representatives and, in some cases, students. The purpose of school councils is to offer advice to the principal and school board “to improve pupil achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.” (Ontario Education Act, Reg. 612).

Parent Involvement Committees engage parents

The PIC provides a link between parents and the director of education, trustees and Board staff, and acts as an advisory body to the Board. The committee seeks input from school councils on strategies to engage more parents from every level and every school throughout our Board. New members and fresh ideas are always welcome.

There's Fun Fun Fun in Fundraising

Getting involved in fundraising can be rewarding. It’s a great way to meet other parents in your school community, set an example of volunteerism for your kids, and watch them learn and interact with their peers.

Here are a few tips about those fundraisers:

Keep it Manageable

Don’t hold so many fundraisers in that you wear out the volunteers

Make it Easy, Affordable & Useful

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Be Inclusive

Involve everyone in the school and don’t forget grandparents

Set a Goal ($)

Set a goal ($), let everyone know what it is (e.g., new playground equipment) and why it is important (e.g., to encourage physical activity)

Communicate and Promote

Create lots of hype about your event with posters, flyers, social media, etc.

Provide Incentives

Provide incentives that will create excitement for students, parents and teachers

Make Sure to Include Students

Our Lady of Grace Catholic School in Westmeath holds some unique fundraising activities: Family Photo Fundraiser (October 18) Spaghetti Dinner (November 4) Poinsettia Flower Drive (November ) Pancake Supper (Shrove Tuesday February 9th)

RCCDSB Parent Involvement Committee Contacts

Jeannie Ivory


Sean Fitzgerald


Kayla Glofcheskie


Heather Lee


Frances Priest


Tera Spital


Andrew Bray


Mark Searson


Kevin Walsh

Elementary Principal

Julie Dumouchel

Elementary Principal

Nancy Levasseur


New members are always welcome to the PIC—we want representatives from across Renfrew County. If you would like to become involved, please call us at the board office for more information.


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