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Register your Child with RCCDSB

We look forward to working with your family as a partner in your child’s education.

We really are #SchoolstoBelieveIn

Renfrew County Catholic District School Board is an inclusive, publicly-funded school board. We offer a full range of academic programs in a caring and nurturing environment that encourages students to achieve their personal best while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in their daily lives. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with your family as partners in your child’s education. Registration with the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board is quick and easy! 

The first step is to check the school boundary maps. This will help you confirm what school boundary you live in.

Kindergarten Parent Questionnaire

Parents registering children for Kindergarten may download and complete this questionnaire before coming to school. A paper copy will be made available at the school if required.

Check My School Zone and Transportation

Once you confirm what school zone you are in and what transportation is available for your child, the next step is to register your child with your easy to use online registration form.

Register Online with our Registration Form

Once you have submitted the online registration, your school Principal will reach out to set up a time convenient for you to finalize your child’s registration process.

Please note: parents need to check their school zone before moving onto registration.

Select School for Registration

Please note: parents need to check their school zone before moving onto registration.

St. Joseph's - Arnprior


Our Lady of Grace


Our Lady of Lourdes


St. Thomas the Apostle


Holy Name


St. James


St. John Bosco




St. Joseph's - Calabogie


St. Joseph's Elementary

Grade 8 Only

St. Anthony's


St. Francis of Assisi


Our Lady of Sorrows


St. Joseph's High School


St. Mary's


St. Andrew's


St. Michael's


George Vanier


St. John XXIII


Our Lady of Fatima


Bishop Smith High School


Bishop Smith Elementary

Grade 7 & 8

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration begins the first week back to school in January. This year we would ask that you contact the office at the school to make an appointment.

Go to and select “Register your child with RCCDSB”. Once the registration is complete, you will need to make an appointment to meet with the school principal and provide the required documentation.

The Ministry of Education has extensive information on its website. Here is the link:

Speak to the school principal about your child’s specific needs. Provide any relevant documentation from your family doctor or pediatrician. You will be required to fill in the paperwork that outlines your child’s plan of care as determined by your doctor.


Go to the RCJTC website and access the tool to select your school and enter your address.  Here is the link to the boundary map: Boundary Map – RCJTC  and here is the link to the transportation eligibility tool: Transportation Eligibility

Parents will receive an email from the RCJTC with the bus stop location and time or they can log into the parent portal for more detailed information: RCJTC Parent Log In Portal

Once your transportation has been approved, RCJTC will send you an email with your child’s pick-up and drop-off information. 

For families that have shared custody, students can have two bus stops (week about), providing both parents live within the same school attendance boundary.

RCJTC does not provide transportation outside of school attendance boundaries.

Yes, you can if the childcare provider’s address is in the attendance zone for the school; however, if your childcare situation changes (new sitter) and your sitter is no longer within the school attendance zone, transportation will not be available. 

Once your child moves out of sitter care and your home address is not within the school attendance boundary, you will not be eligible for transportation.

Parents can fill out a temporary seat assignment request and transportation may be approved if there is room on the bus.  If transportation is granted, it will only be for the current year.

Required Documentation

If your child or you the parents are not Catholic you will be required to fill out a Non-Catholic Admission form explaining why you would like to send your child to a Catholic school. The Superintendent of Education who oversees the school will determine whether or not your child can attend based on many different factors including rationale, enrollment, class sizes, needs, etc. All students are expected to be respectful of and fully participate in the faith life of the school.

  • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate, Passport)
  • Immunization Records
  • Proof of Address (utility bill, bank statement etc.)
  • Proof of custody 
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Your child’s citizenship or immigrant papers

It is understandable that some documents may be misplaced, or in transit. However, before a registration can be fully processed, all required documents will need to be provided to the school. 

We ask that you please contact the Renfrew County District Health Unit and follow their directions.

Extended French

Renfrew/Arnprior Family of Schools

  • St. Joseph’s Arnprior (also for students in St. John XXIII zone)

Pembroke/Petawawa Family of Schools

  • Our Lady of Lourdes, Pembroke
  • Holy Name, Pembroke (also for students in Cathedral zone)
  • Our Lady of Sorrows, Petawawa
  • St. Francis of Assisi, Petawawa

Students receive 40 minutes of French instruction each day in a Core French program. Students enrolled in an Extended French program will receive 80 minutes of instruction each day, often delivered in collaboration between the FSL teacher and the classroom educators.

Before and After Care

Yes. Please refer to the following website for more information.


Renfrew/Arnprior Family of Schools

  • St. John XXII, Arnprior
  • St. Joseph’s, Arnprior
  • Our Lady of Fatima, Renfrew (Transportation provided to Leaps and Bounds)
  • St. Thomas the Apostle, Renfrew


Madawaska Family of Schools

  • St. John Bosco, Barry’s Bay


Pembroke/Petawawa Family of Schools

  • St. Mary’s OLGC, Deep River
  • Cathedral, Pembroke
  • Holy Name, Pembroke
  • Our Lady of Lourdes, Pembroke 
  • Our Lady of Sorrows, Petawawa
  • St. Francis of Assisi, Petawawa

School Start-Up

All by myself I:

  • Put on my coat
  • Take off my coat
  • Go to the bathroom and fasten my pants
  • Wash my hands
  • Put on and fasten my shoes and boots
  • Begin to explore using crayons or markers to draw


 With a friend I:

  • Talk and listen
  • Share
  • Play and have fun


With an adult I:

  • Pray together and develop a relationship with God
  • Share stories, songs and rhymes
  • Explore my neighbourhood
  • Learn and understand new words
  • Look for letters and numbers around me
  • Have fun counting things in my world
  • Have fun imagining and creating
  • Learn all about my name
  • Play games

Staggered entry means that students in the Junior Kindergarten Program stagger their first day of school to assist them in this important transition. For example, your child may be integrated with a small group of other students on one day, and not attend the next while a different group of students begin their integration. After a set number of staggered days (it differs from school to school), then the entire group of students will come together and remain that way moving forward.

Classroom makeup is determined by the school principal, therefore each school will determine what is best suited for their school community. 

The class size will depend on enrollment and it varies from year to year. The maximum Ministry of Education class size for Kindergarten is 29.

If the class has more than 16 Kindergarten students there will be an ECE assigned to the class.

Typically Kindergarten students will be asked to bring: indoor shoes, a change of clothes (to leave at school), a reusable water bottle and a lunch kit. It is also important that your child has appropriate outdoor clothing, weather-dependent. Once they have been placed in a class the educators will ensure you know in advance what your child will need to bring.

Although it is strongly recommended that children can undress/dress themselves, we will provide both coaching and assistance when a student requires help.

Although it is strongly recommended that children are fully toilet trained before they begin Kindergarten, we do understand that sometimes accidents happen. If your child does have accidents it is important that they can change their clothes when required. If your child’s situation is more significant it would be important for you to have a conversation with the Principal about the level of support that would be required.

To ensure safe arrival parents/guardians will be contacted via School Messenger for all unknown absences daily.

Students will only be released to parents/guardians on file at the school. The school must be notified if your child will be picked up by anyone else.

Special Education

Speak to the school principal about your child’s specific needs. Provide any relevant documentation from your family doctor or pediatrician, community support services, etc. The school Special Education Team will then work with you to develop a plan to support your child’s program goals. 

Each child with special education needs presents with a different profile. The school will take the recommendations provided and work closely with school board team members to determine the level of support required. 

Should the school board team determine that specialized transportation is necessary, the RCJTC (Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium) will determine the best course of action to support your child’s needs.


Follow these links to learn more about the Ministry of Education’s position on Play-Based Learning

Although there isn’t an official “naptime” in Kindergarten, there are times throughout the day that allow children to relax and take part in quieter activities.

Kindergarten students typically engage in various whole-group activities, small-group instruction, and 1:1 interactions with educators. They have many guided learning activities, opportunities for inquiry and time for self-guided play both indoors and outdoors. Students and Educators participate fully in daily prayer and faith development. Learning in The Kindergarten Program is categorized into four frames: Belonging and Contributing, Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours, Self-Regulation and Well-Being, Problem-Solving and Innovating. 



Kindergarten Registration Brochure 2022

RCCDSB Kindergarten Brochure

Kindergarten Registration Brochure 2024-25

French as a Second Language Brochure

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