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Cathedral Catholic Elementary School

Cathedral Catholic Elementary School

School Information


200 Isabella St
Pembroke, ON K8A 5S7


Melissa Carroll-Dubeau 

School Secretary:

Melissa Breen

Principal’s Message

Cathedral School is an inclusive Catholic school community that places a strong emphasis on the whole development of the child – mind, body, heart and soul. At our school we believe that learning is a lifelong process and we strive for academic excellence. We are dedicated to nurturing the potential and giftedness of each and every child and give every opportunity for all children to meet with success. The use of technology in instruction and learning is promoted within an environment that engages the 21st century learner.
It is our commitment to live out our school Mission Statement: to combine true Gospel values with academic excellence. We are committed to provide quality Catholic education in which the teachings of Jesus Christ is integrated into the day to day curriculum. We are supported by our Parish, St. Columbkille’s. Father Beanish visits our school and celebrates prayer services and Masses. Through social justice initiatives, students are learning that they can make a difference both locally and globally with their efforts and actions.
We respond to the needs of our school community with open hearts and open minds, enhancing the learning experiences of each student. Active partnerships involving clergy, parents and staff create a safe, inclusive, warm and hospitable place to learn.


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