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Major Board Documents

On this page you will find the RCCDSB Director’s Annual Reports, our Mission and Vision, Multi-Year Strategic Plans, Budget Summaries, and more.

Our Board Prayer

Our Vision Statement

Multi-Year Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Student Achievement Plan

2023-2024 Student Achievement Plan - Preparation of Students For Future Success

Learning Technologies Strategic Plan 2022-2024

French as a Second Language (FSL) Plan 2021-2024

Human Rights Goals – 2022-2023

Achievement Goals – 2022-2023

Pathways & Experiential Learning 2022-2023

Mental Health & Wellness 2022-2023

Re-engagement Goals – 2022-23

Communication & Collaboration

Infrastructure, Service & Support

Privacy and Security Pillar

Monitoring - Communication & Collaboration

Monitoring - Privacy & Security

Monitoring - Infrastructure, Service & Support

2022-2023 Special Education Report

Mental Health and Wellness Strategy 2022 – 2025

Media Release Revenue Expense Summary

Equity Action Plan 2022-2025

Board Action Plan for Indigenous Education

RCCDSB Organization Chart

Accessibility Plan for Ontarians with Disabilities

Property Tax Assessment

Five Year Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Calculating Energy Conservation Goals FY 2019 to FY 2023 Appendices

Budget 2018-2019 – Budget Summary

Budget 2018-2019- Summary of Grant Allocations

Media Release Summary Grant Allocations

Director’s Annual Reports

2021-2022 RCCDSB Director’s Annual Report

2020-2021 RCCDSB Director’s Annual Report

2019-2020 RCCDSB Director’s Annual Report

2018-2019 RCCDSB Director’s Annual Report

2017-2018 RCCDSB Director's Annual Report

2016-2017 RCCDSB Director's Annual Report

2015-2016 RCCDSB Director's Annual Report

2014-2015 RCCDSB Director's Annual Report

2013-2014 RCCDSB Director’s Annual Report

2012-2013 RCCDSB Director’s Annual Report

Budget Reports and Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statements 2022-2023

Budget 2023-24 - Budget Summary

Budget 2022-2023 - Budget Summary

Audited Financial statements 2020-2021

Audited Financial statements 2020-2021

Audited Financial statements 2019-2020


Audited Financial Statements 2017-2018

Budget 2016-2017 Budget Summary

Budget 2016-2017 Summary of Grant Allocations

Budget 2014-2015 BUDGET SUMMARY

RCCDSB RNEF Report 2023-2024

Our Journey Over the Past Few Years

System Implementation and Learning Board Improvement Plan for Student Well-being, Engagement and Achievement – 2016-17

RCCDSB Board Strategic Plan-2012-2017

Board Improvement Plan 2015-2016


2024 Winter Notebook

2023 Winter Notebook

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