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RCCDSB Hosts 2023 Inaugural Meeting

November 23, 2023

On Monday, November 20th, the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board held the 2023 Inaugural meeting in the Robert Tate Library of Bishop Smith Catholic High School in Pembroke. 

Before the meeting came to order, the senior team, trustees, union partners, and staff within the board gathered for Mass in the chapel of Bishop Smith Catholic High School. The board was grateful to have Father Holly celebrate the eucharist, welcome the new governance year, and pray for the needs of the Catholic School Trustees in safeguarding the gift of Catholic education. At the end of Mass, the trustees were called to renew their commitment to the RCCDSB and read the Rite of Renewal at the front of the chapel. 

During the meeting, Bob Schreader was acclaimed as Chair, and David Howard was acclaimed as the Vice Chair of the Board. They were both pleased to continue their commitments to the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board. 

Chair Bob Schreader thanked Anne Haley for the nomination and spoke about how grateful he is to be a part of the Renfrew County Catholic community. Vice Chair David Howard thanked Pat O’Grady for the nomination and spoke about his commitment to the Board. Both the Chair and Vice-Chair shared their gratitude to all staff at RCCDSB for their hard work and dedication. Additionally, they both mentioned how pleased they were to hear about RCCDSB’s Alpha Sessions for Parents beginning in January 2024. 

Director of Education Mark Searson, Superintendent Heidi Fraser, Clint Young and Associate Director of Business Affairs Mary Lynn Schauer presented the highlights of the 2022-23 Director’s Annual Report. The report outlines the successes within the RCCDSB for the 2022-2023 school year, and the board is proud of students and staff across the county for all their hard work. There were plenty of things to highlight for the school year, and the team is confident that this success will continue throughout the 2023-2024 school year.

The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board is blessed to have a great team of dedicated and faith-filled individuals on the Board of Trustees. They will continue to facilitate our vision of instilling a desire for life-long learning and a pursuit of excellence.

Please click here to view the 2022-23 Director’s Annual Report. 

Board of Trustees, left to right: Elena Valliquette, Student Trustee, Ben Wood, Student Trustee, Susan Artymko, Anne Haley, Bob Schreader, David Howard, Pat O’Grady, Jerry Lavalley, Andrew Bray.