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Special Education Advisory Committee

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is made up of a group of individuals to discuss all special education needs within the RCCDSB and how we can continue to improve our special education programs for our students and their families. The Committee makes recommendations to the school board with regard to special education, participates in the annual review of the Board’s Special Education Plan, and focuses solely on how the Board can assure quality special education to students.

Susan Artymko

Trustee Chair

Cory Lee MacMunn

Member at Large

France Guillemette

Member at Large

Gen Leonard

Member at Large

Jacki England

Member at Large

Jennifer Debenham

Community Living

Joanne Lesk

Member at Large

Jodi Cotnam

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

Kayla Bouret

Member at Large

Mike Ellis

Member at Large

Sandra Dee Lapierre

Member at Large

Clint Young


Donna McEwen

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendents
613-735-1031 X207

SEAC Brochure

SEAC HandBook

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