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About SJHS


Mr. Derek Lennox

Vice Principal

Mrs. Julie Shreenan

Afelskie, Hollie

Belanger, Jessica

Briscoe, Anne (Grade 8)

Cahill. Meghan

Cobus, Tracey

Dedo, Jason (Chaplain)

Gagon, John

Gravelle, Steven

Halk, Jeff

Hamel, Alana

Hass, Carolyn

Hisko, Nathan (Grade 8)

Kelly, Julie 

Lunney, Bill (Co-Op)

MacLeod, Don

McGregor, Stacey

McIntyre, Ryan

McMahon, Mike (Co-Op)

Mulvihill, Kaitlyn

O’Connor, Tim (Student Success)

O’Gorman, Jane (Special Education)

O’Rourke, Annice

Pallen, Sheena

Pender, Jessica (Guidance)

Retty, Jeff

Richards, Allison

Schneider, Rebecca

Simon, Paula

Skeebo, Emily

Skelhorn, Trent

St. Michael, Dan (Grade 8)

Summers, Wil

Turcotte, Renee

Valliquette, Mark (Guidance)

Welch, Erin

Yarascavitch, Amanda


Barr, Sheila

Calvinho, Tracy

Enright, Michelle

Guyea, Lisa

Irwin, Karen

Mosley, Calley

Mosley, Cyndie

Neville, Louise

Schroder, Ashley

Sul, Margaret

Briscoe, Theresa

Graham, Brittany (Campus Youth Worker)

Matcheskie, Debby

Coulas, Lisa (Head Secretary)

Bell, Sarah: R.C.C.D.S.B. Social Worker

Benoit, Jerry: R.C.C.D.S.B. Indigenous Grad Coach

Mallette, Katrina: Pheonix Centre Worker

Wodzinski, Dan: Addictions Counsellor

Brazeau, Alan

Dorzek, Tony

Godin, Debbie

Krysinski, Andrew

Legault, Kelly

Seabrook, Treena (Head Custodian)

The Student Code of Behaviour has evolved over a number of years through input by students, parents, staff, parish and community representatives. Its purpose is to create and maintain a positive and Christian learning environment in which each student can develop his/her full potential, and to assist the student in reaching his/her goals. You can find the Code of Behaviour for St. Joseph’s High School here: St. Joseph’s High School Code of Behaviour

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