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Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Behaviour Services

The Renfrew County Catholic ABA Services provides support to the school, for students who have been referred to the ABA Team. Students eligible for RCCDSB ABA Services include those who have been identified with Autism Spectrum or whose behaviour continues to interfere with safety, learning and social opportunities in spite of multiple in-school interventions.

Members of the ABA Team

Board Certified Behaviour Analysts;

Behaviour Specialists;


Educational Assistants

How to Access the Services

In collaboration with the Special Education Coordinator, the school Principal or Special Education Resource Teacher will refer students who have complex needs, to the ABA team. Schools will initiate this referral process by obtaining a Consent to Consult from the student’s legal guardian.

Service Delivery

The RCCDSB ABA Services are a part of the integrated school multi-disciplinary support services. ABA Services support schools and students using a tiered, consultative, and educational model of service delivery. The RCCDSB ABA team supports students’ educational needs with a focus on behavioural intervention and skill building. Supports are provided in a variety of ways and may include: assessment, consultation, recommendations, suggestions for classroom programming, whole-class strategies and modelling, small-group skill building, and 1:1 direct support.

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